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Where can I get tickets to see Mambo Motel ~The Metaverse Musical?

The Musical is "Coming Soon!"  We are going to be staging the show off off Broadway, then filming it and broadcasting it through streaming services, have multiple metaverse premieres and then take the show Off Broadway and then Broadway.

We need your support and enthusiasm to get there!

Who can I contact with questions about supporting the production?

Pooky Amsterdam


How can I read the Book & Lyrics?

Send us an email at and your interest in this brilliant work, and we will email you a pdf of the play.

Who owns the rights to Mambo Motel?

Pooky Amsterdam owns the full copyright to the Musical, Book & Lyrics. The songs are being copyrighted as they are produced. Copyright # for Mambo Motel: PAu4-118-358 

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