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A Musical for Our Digital Times & Digital Lives


The Wizard of Oz meets Jumanji, but in the Metaverse
" In a tale for our times, a Prince exchanges his physical reality for a virtual one and discovers the unfolding dance between appearance and truth, as he wins and fails at both love and fortune in this new Metaverse he finds himself in. "
Mambo Motel ~ The Metaverse Musical
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Trader's Song
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Mambo Motel
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Don't Go in the Love Room
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Unplug Me Now
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" Where the virtual and the physical are one."

The incredible story of a Prince
who finds himself by losing himself
within a virtual world of avatars and adventures!
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Mambo Motel is the story of a Prince who wishes to escape the intense scrutiny of the media and longs to find a place where he can just be... himself. He discovers anonymity in Mambo Motel, a Metaverse where all log in equally.


But like the Prince, no one behind the screen is who they seem to be. Exchanging physical reality for a virtual one, he wins and fails at both fortune and love, finding himself ultimately by losing himself in this new world.  The theme of the story is that while you have a human skin of chance, you can express who you really are in your avatar skin of choice. 

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