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Presenting Mambo Motel ~ The Metaverse Musical! The first Musical set in a virtual world, this contemporary theater work with 16 original songs will transport the audience into the Metaverse as we follow the triumphs, failures and challenges of our iconic cast of characters! 

The Story of Mambo Motel

Mambo Motel features 6 iconic characters, a Prince who wants to be loved for himself, not the trappings of his birth; a servant who wishes to have a real friendship with whom he serves; a man who feels more genuine as a woman; a woman who doesn't want to grow old; a boy of 15 who wants to be a man, and a young widow who wants to keep her dead husband alive.

The Stage Experience

Experience the world's first Musical set in the Metaverse and see what happens in our new world where anyone can be anything they want to be! Actors perform in front of digitally produced sets which take us right into the virtual environment of Mambo Motel.


Those onstage are living their virtual lives unlimited by their physical boundaries, and only we the audience see who the people really are behind the Mambo Motel guests on smaller LED screens to the far right and left of the stage. The Show Experience features an amazingly tuneful 16 original song soundtrack reflecting life online in the 21st Century.

The Experience

Our Characters

In the Metaverse you can project who you really are, not bound by your human skin of chance, but freed to be your avatar skin of choice. I am my avatar and my avatar is me, even if they do not look the same. Here we have a chance to express identity more fully and courageously because we have contrived a mask of our own creations.


Prince 3.png

The Prince

The Prince is an international celebrity and national obsession. Longing to escape constant media glare he exchanges physical reality for a virtual one, finding himself by losing himself.

Prince Headshot.png


Pretender enters a n00b in a beautiful and new world, to play games as he builds a Trading empire, only to have it crash. As he fails at both fortune and love, can he rebuild and find something of even greater value?


Sinclair 2.png


His job of valet to the Prince leads to tasks in Mambo Motel. He stays to keep a wide eye on His Highness and gets very close to some secrets, his own and others.

Sancho Headshot.png


Accidental friend of Pretender’s, showing him what is worthwhile and completely ridiculous as their unlikely bromance grows.

Marvin 2.png


Middle manager in a clothing store in Downtown Milwaukee, he feels a strong pull to the feminine side which can be expressed fully in Mambo Motel.

Moonpie Headshot.png


Her weekly poetry slams are top events and she is an “It Girl.” Not looking for love, she finds she understands Pretender and wants to be with him.


Tammy 3.png


Young widowed mom who took over her husband's account in Mambo Motel to keep him alive, and found she’s good at running his trading empire.

TJ Headshot.png


Top trader with the fantastic Royal Trade & Casino, he takes Pretender under his wing as a protege.


Clyde 2.png


15 year old boy pretending to be 30, too smart for his own good, pushing whatever he can too far through the outlet of his computer.

CK Headshot.png


Spends a lot of time in Mambo Motel as a junior trader at TJMoney’s, always thinking how to get ahead of the competition he feels in riches and love from Pretender.


Helen 1.png


Former chorus girl in the 70’s, now her basement internet connection to Mambo Motel lets her be forever young and mess with people’s lives.

HB Headshot.png


Sometime table dancer at Nothing Ugly, available for all kinds of stuff. She finds a willing conspirator in Cerealkiller.



Metaverse Sets

In the Metaverse, one must have exciting places to go! While Mambo Motel provides Public Gaming Areas for all, there is a lot of fun and creative expression in building one's own room. The Metaverse Sets reflect the personal tastes, preferences, dreams and venue aspirations of its guests!

Royal Trade & Casino - The epicenter of high-powered trading in Mambo Motel, an environment of rare, fabulous and exotic virtual assets that everyone wants, few can afford and many aspire to own. TJMoney is the undisputed ruler of his Casino and Trade kingdom, which many aspire to.

Battleship Room - A public gaming room where many newbies spawn to play a new fashioned version of the classic game. An undersea room in the Metaverse of aquatic treasures and inhabitants, where water is not wet and breathing under the deep blue sea is never a problem.

Inner Geek Competition - This room emphasises how glady and willingly we let almost every aspect of our lives, bodies and minds be monitored by constant data assessment, not fearing privacy breaches, but rather embracing our Inner Geeks to see who has the most gadgets.

Space Wrestling - An outpost in the virtual universe where gravity doesn't count for much, and the view is out of this world. And where Mambos can try out their Ninja Skills, Wrestling Moves and / or Fighting Talents all while being watched by an appreciative bot audience!

The Emporium - A room devised by HunnyBunz as a lure for young men so she can trap them, exploiting their adolescent fantasies while they are mesmerized by the glowing and pulsating goods that abound.

Love Room - A place to have a hit & run encounter of the intimate kind, without revealing any identifying information. More of a Lust Room than a Love Room, it is set up for multiple couplings at a time, only for the insincere of heart.



Mambo Motel
00:00 / 03:18
Trader's Song
00:00 / 02:59
Unplug Me Now
00:00 / 03:58
Don't Go in the Love Room
00:00 / 03:02
Prince 1.png

Our Strategic Roadmap

Live Stage Performance 

Milestone 1

& On Demand

Milestone 3

Virtual Performances
in the Metaverse

Milestone 2


Milestone 4

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