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Welcome to Mambo Motel ~ The Metaverse Musical.

Enter the virtual world for a look, feel and listen of the play.

Behind the Scenes

When Pooky told Lee she wanted to have some kind of marketing tool for Mambo Motel, he said, "Cool, like a trailer?" And Bingo! I wanted it to have some retro elements of sensationalism of an old 30's trailer, Passion! Gambling! Blackmail! And give it this high drama against a bright and vibrant color palette. All these human battles are playing out against a fun environment of games and entertainment.

There are a few moving parts to the trailer:

  • Onstage sets which are set up to show digital backdrops

  • Green screen filming of the 6 human actors who portray the Mambos

  • Animated side LED screens which show those who are behind them, like The Prince. 


The importance of bringing Mambo Motel to the stage, stream, screen and Metaverse propels this forward. Second Life was the platform we used to film the animated sets and characters, as this is one PookyMedia is familiar with, and it makes a great previz - building this makes it happen! The look of the animated characters for the 6 main principals was also crafted to communicate visually who is really handling the actors onstage.

The Humans were filmed by Pooky who set up a green screen studio and had these talented actors portray the iconic characters of the internet world. And the entire trailer sets up the main theme of how we present a facade of ourselves as a person, and yet can express who we really are as an avatar.

This is a taste of the Mambo Motel, the Metaverse Musical for our Digital Times & Digital Lives!




Brendan Paholak (Pretender and Voice of The Prince)

- Brendan found a role in search of an actor, a link to his character and here he is! He lives in the Hudson Valley and is going to start his own business.
Kristen Ward  (Moonpie)

- Kristen is currently teaching at Dance Diversity located in Valatie NY, had such a great experience working on Mambo Motel and is so happy to still be involved with the arts in her hometown.   
Tommy Roesch  (Sanchopasta)

- Tommy is a Dancer, Model and DJ in Hudson / NYC.
Reginald Marcellin  (TJMoney)

- Reggie has a digital media company in Hudson, an 8 year old son he loves and was really glad to bring this to life.

Matt Norman  (CerealKiller)

- Matt is a musician and recording artist from Petaluma, CA. He studied music at Bard and his recordings are here

Maria Occeno/Tweety  (HunnyBunz)

- Maria grew up in the Philippines and has been in the US for 7 years. Loves to play music and bass with her band called LUMANESCENCE in Hudson, NY.

Voice Actors & Singers


Rysan Fall   (Narrator)   

- Award winning machinima filmmaker and voice over artist.          

Fritz Schwartz  (Voice of Cerealkiller)                             

-  Fritz owns FSAudio in Greenbush, NY and has a vibrant recording studio business. 

Ryder Cooley   (Singer on Mambo Motel)                     

-  Ryder is an accomplished musician, trapeze artist and leader of the band Dustbowl Fairies. She is a civic legend in Hudson NY.

Production Team

Pooky Amsterdam  (Producer, Writer)

- Pooky wrote Mambo Motel and the script for the trailer pulling together her expertise and expert team to preview this incredible work. 

Russell Boyd  (Metaverse Director)

- Russell brings so much to the trailer with his seasoned filmmaking, directing and editing skills plus his natural ability in working with diverse audiences.     

Tony Kieraldo  (Musical Director)

- Tony is an accomplished musician and with years of recording and composing experience. Through collaboration with Pooky, he was able to sing and bring these songs to life. 

Lee Huang  (Consultant)

-  Lee was the originator of the idea for the trailer, and his sharp eyes and deep marketing knowledge has helped shape every stage of the trailer's development.

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